Crave App User FAQ

Can I "fast-forward" and read the rest of the book before the 30-day period ends?

You can! We are introducing a new feature where you can buy or earn Crave Credits. Crave Credits are available for in-app purchase, or you can receive free Crave Credits by referring friends to the app.

Why are you forcing people to read the book slower?

We wanted to help long-form storytelling compete with the onslaught of new content available now. We decided to create an experience that fits into the way people consume information today - in short bursts of attention - and with audio, video and vivid imagery. The result is Crave.

Do I need an internet connection for Crave?

You can read everything that was downloaded to your device without an internet connection, but you'll need to be online to receive new content and to access certain features.

Why can't I share notifications?

Notifications are for your eyes only.

Why do some notifications disappear after 10 seconds?

Sometimes the memory is better than the experience...

What time do you send notifications?

New chapters are delivered around 10am local time. Notifications are sent in the evening.

Can I disable notifications?

Yes. In the app, tap on the menu icon in the top right corner of the app (or swipe to the left). You can control each notification individually--so if you only want to turn off new chapter notifications you can do that without stopping notifications from the author.

What happens when I finish a book?

Check out the rest of the books in Crave—there's a little something for everyone.

What happens if a new story I want to read comes out while I’m reading another story?

You'll receive it once you finish the one you're reading.

What are the minimum hardware/software requirements to run Crave?

Crave requires an iPhone 5s, 6 or 6+ running iOS 8 or later

Can I share media elements from the app?

Yes! Every shareable media element will have a share icon displayed at the bottom of the screen after the element finishes loading.

When is Crave going to be available for Android?

Right now! Click the Android button on and you'll be directed to the Google Play store for immediate download.

I'm an author - can I work with Crave?

For now, we're only featuring authors with 100K or more FB fans. We may open the platform to more authors next year.

What are Crave Credits?

Crave Credits can be used to skip the 24-hour wait period between chapters. At the end of each chapter you'll see an option to use a credit to continue reading or wait till the next day. Choose the option to use a credit and the next chapter will be unlocked immediately.

How can I get Crave Credits?

First thing you need to know is that you'll need to be a subscriber to Crave to take advantage of this awesome new feature. Once you're a subscriber, there are 3 ways to get Credits:

1. Get 10 Credits FREE for each friend that installs Crave

2. Get 30 Credits FREE for each friend that installs + subscribes to Crave

3. Purchase additional Credits in the app - get 5 credits for only 99¢!

Can I use Crave Credits on any book?

Crave Credits can only be used on books that have already been published. There will be cases where a book is pre-released in Crave before it's available in stores or on ebook readers. In these cases you will not be able to use Credits until after the general public release has occurred.